The apintra® Dashboard

Overview in near real time

To be able to manage your company or your part of the company effectively, the most up-to-date figures must be available at all times. Therefore, apintra can make all company figures visible in a business intelligence application. An real-time overview of the data already posted is output as a diagram or, if desired, in list form.

Different numbers matter for every company. Which KPIs or key figures are important for you? These figures are presented as needed so that you can see the background picture, make a precise analysis and act accordingly.

The dashboard is compiled according to your needs.

With this dashboard, you complete the digitalisation of your company. All data records from the connected company areas can be integrated, making them visible and mappable.

Even the newly purchased factory can be integrated relatively quickly so that you benefit from all the advantages of the apintra software.

The sales values can be displayed geographically, as in the figure below:

Geographical representation of turnover

Geographical turnover display as a world map. The turnover range can be defined via sliders.


Slider for visualising the turnover in sales-relevant areas.

Cumulated turnover values

Statistical values with trend display are defined and displayed here.

To display other key figures, other diagrams may be more suitable:

Here, for example, turnover, profits (and costs) are compared in a variety of ways.

Apps by viewpoint

Here the data was displayed differently - e.g. turnover, costs and profit are displayed graphically in different ways.

It is possible to split the data sets further to show individual developments in more detail.


Apps for the dashboard with further examples.

The view can be refined down to the level of the individual record so that you can always see the exact data. Backgrounds also become clear.

This is exactly the information you need!

The apintra® advantages

All apintra® solutions are based on the same technology with equal advantages. These include multi-client capability, plausibility checks, open interfaces and local and temporal availability, as well as the ability to quickly find each individual data record.