The apintra® Merchandise Management module can considerably reduce the complexity of global merchandise management.

You need to deliver goods in the required quality and quantity at the right time with the lowest total cost?


Do work now or will you in the future with:

online connections to high-bay warehouse systems (high-rack storage or warehouse management system connections);
barcode controls in the warehouse area;
electronic data interchange (EDI) with customers and suppliers;
RFID processing; and/or
automatic transfer and checking of data from CRM systems and eBusiness?

The system can integrate these systems by default. In addition, you can use all the other functions described below.

If desired, you can make use our interfaces (API):

Integrate shop functions easily with the optional apintra Internet API – from direct order processing to the GBG area with delivery information. The apintra Internet API is designed to connect shop systems and trading platforms.

Sample functions

Below you will find a sample of the functions of apintra® Enterprise Resource Planning:

  • Online connections to high-bay warehouse systems (high-rack storage or warehouse management system connections)
  • Barcode controls in the warehouse area
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) with customers and suppliers;
  • RFID processing
  • Automatic transfer and checking of data from CRM systems and eBusiness
  • Rebate settlement
  • B2C modules

  • Alphanumeric article code
  • Customer-related article key
  • Multilingual and customer-related article texts
  • Multi-level article group hierarchy
  • Volume and accessories management (sets)
  • Dimensionally dependent prices
  • Multi-dimensional discount matrix with up to 70 different types
  • Multi-level warehouse management (also consignment warehouse)
  • Online order processing: quotations, orders, call-off orders, credit notes, manual invoices (drop shipment)
  • Real-time availability check
  • Credit limit check
  • Route planning and compilation (also overlapping with production)
  • Cancellation or partial cancellation function
  • Customs calculation
  • Mail freight and UPS interface
  • Delivery note cancellation

  • Quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, freight documents, loading lists
  • Invoices, collective invoices, credit notes, customs documents
  • Various turnover statistics (dashboard)
  • Order backlog lists

  • Cost estimate
  • Pro forma invoice
  • Repair reports
  • Booking of material and time for repair
  • Evaluations such as order backlog list, error frequency, warranty, goodwill

The apintra® advantages

All apintra® solutions are based on the same technology with equal advantages. These include multi-client capability, plausibility checks, open interfaces and local and temporal availability, as well as the ability to quickly find each individual data record.