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Platform Independent

Regardless of whether you are planning a mobile, web or multi-platform app, apintra offers fast, powerful and price-sensitive implementation. Matching your individual requirements, we at apintra design and programme software according to the most modern standards. Our solutions on the highest technical level are efficient, quick to use and offer the highest level of security for your data.

For iOS & Android

apintra develops native apps for iOS and Android in one process. The same code is used for both operating systems, regardless of version or resolution. Writing one code for the programme logic saves time during development and reduces possible errors.

These are the technologies we use:

  • Internal data management based on SQLite
  • Standardised data synchronisation via RESTful and JSON web service via https
  • Integration of standard smartphone functions such as camera, phone, GPS, email, contacts and calendar
  • Modules for QR code and barcode processing
  • Encrypted connection during data synchronisation
  • UTF-8 Unicode Character Set, to support languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian, among others

Customised solutions based on apintra technology

apintra® solutions already cover a great number of options. Nevertheless, we distinguish between three possibilities:

Customising – the use of our standard solution, which can be tailored to the needs of the customer by setting a variety of parameters (e.g. time units to be used in work scheduling – hour, industrial minute, minute). With this, a large part of the customisations can be undertaken.

‘Add-on development’ – a frequently used option at apintra. This means creating additional programmes without touching the core of the apintra® system. Among other things, new functions and programmes can be created from the existing function portfolio.

Modification of programmes – the possibility to modify the standard functions of apintra programmes, i.e. the source code. We see this option as problematic and therefore use it only in exceptional cases. Costs are always incurred later on due to the need to update any modifications.

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